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Several Smaller Audio Systems Are Better Than A Whole-house System

One interesting new trend is to install small in-line water heaters under the kitchen sink and the bathroom tub rather than wasting gallons waiting for the water to warm up. Yes people, being green is to favour specialized, simple, distributed, modular, and quality products over the bloated super-everything systems of the last century. Even millionaires drive Priuses! Don’t agree? Then drop me a note below.

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the Demise of Outlaw's Model 978 HT Processor

Ultimately, this is a tragedy for a company that has tried to find a niche for itself in a very competitive market, and this time it has seriously miscalculated its abilities. I believe that if Outlaw had adopted more green initiatives a long time ago, they would have reaped the benefits early on and been in a much better position today. Instead, it is now going to struggle to survive and demonstrate where in this industry it can still have an impact. I sincerely hope this is not the end for Outlaw as I have greatly enjoyed their products and service over the years, but this is certainly not a good omen for the future of the company.

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High Prices in High End Audio

As I pointed out in a previous post about pricing, people can expect to pay slightly more for products when they are also ecologically-friendly. This then begs the question of whether hi fi should command much higher prices. Some products certainly are priced extremely high and one has to wonder whether this is justified. Likewise, does being green require such expenditures.

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Are Green Audio Products More Expensive?

So green products offer greater value, safety, and peace-of-mind to the owner and this will cost a bit more up front. This is akin to purchasing an extended warranty on a car or home and rolling that into the purchase price. Undoubtedly non-green products will be less expensive, but that also comes with greater risk and ultimately, that is a choice the consumer has to make.

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