Project Receiver Box Review (Pt.2) – Little Power House of an Amp

…Should you need to, you can pack up the entire sound system into a backpack in a few minutes. That’s pretty amazing engineering and gets my respect. Is it truly green? Well it’s not made in the USA, but it is a whole lot greener than much of the gear out there. Despite some of the design choices that Pro-Ject has made, I highly recommend this little power house of a receiver.

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ProJect Receiver Box – Pithy Little Green Box or Just Too Small?

Pro-ject, being headquartered in Austria, takes a different approach. Being located near the former Easter Block, they manufacture in those countries, in The Czech Republic, for example. Sumiko, the US importer of the Pro-Ject has a nice story about how this came to be on their website. Anyhow, this is a better model because it keeps manufacturing closer and so it is also less costly to ensure quality control over the process.

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Kharma Elegance Review – A Green Perspective on Design

Down-to-earth sensibility is also where the Elegance line comes into the picture. It’s not the grand-piano of the product line, but the still very capable baby-grand, that is going to fit into the customer’s living room much easier than the bigger brothers. It looks quite different, as well, with a more standard back-leaning shape not unlike competing products from Von Schweikert, Wilson, Thiel, and Usher. Gone are the inlaid wood and jeweled accoutrements. This is a good thing, I believe. It allows for less distractions and a greater focus on technology, design, and craftsmanship.

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GreenHiFi Review of the Grado SR225 Headphones - Are they Green Enough?

These SR225 headphones and the ​company that manufactures them gets a rating of +6, on a scale from -7 to +7. This is practically a perfect score. For a product that then also performs so well and is a bargain to boot, this is definitely a recommended product. I can't comment on how the other Grado headphones sound but as far as being green, I encourage you to audition and purchase a pair from this remarkable company.

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GreenHiFi Review of the Qinpu Q2

This is a quick review of the Qinpu Q2 integrated amplifier. I have been using it for various functions for about 3 months now and I am actually quite happy with it. It’s not audiophile quality, but for what it does do at a whopping $99 is pretty impressive. But the question for us here is whether it qualifies as being green.

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