This site was originally created to talk about how Hi-Fi could be more green. The idea was that since most high-end audio equipment was large, heavy, and energy-consuming, I wanted to champion clever engineering that sought to be the opposite of that: small, light-weight, and energy-efficient. Before I started the project, I had spent 25 years working in IT, where greening up the server room was the end-goal, so I thought that surely, Hi-Fi would follow suit.

It dind’t.

As the site languished a bit, I did learn a few things. One of these was that my equipment reviews were the most visited posts. I also learned that having generous, good quality photos was something that visitors liked as well. Finally, I realized that Hi-Fi did become more green over time, but perhaps not because of the reasons I had expected.

Therefore, I have decided to re-boot and do more of what visitors to the site were asking for. I am focusing my attention on reviews of products both old and new that haven’t been reviewed enough, I will be taking many more photos than I did before, and I will share some thoughts on what I feel are examples of good engineering.

I hope this is of use to folks out there. If you have any suggestions or ideas for improving this site, let me know through my contact form.