Why does high end stereo equipment cost so much? Does it have to be heavy and big to "sound big"? Are mass-produced electronics good enough? Does "Made in the US" mean better quality? Does your home theater use a lot of electricity? Is digital music distribution better for the environment? Is a magawatt amp necessary for full orchestral (or rock concert) sound? Is there a relationship between today's politics and the consumer electronics we buy? How much does the Hi-Fi industry contribute to pollution? Why do audiophile cables vary so much in price? How will the Hi-Fi industry attract new buyers? Is it possible to be an audiophile and green? Does audio quality still matter?

These are the questions I ask myself and the people I meet in this industry. Opinions are all over the spectrum, but the one thing I've come to learn about the people in Hi-Fi: everyone is passionate about it. From the mom & pop businesses to the multinational manufacturers, I have yet to meet someone who does not care about the questions above. So there must be something to this. I hope you will find this interesting (and entertaining) as well.

Here are some of my recent and popular topics: