General Guidelines


The Following are some general guidelines that I am still refining. I will post some actual equipment when I have a chance to do the reviews, but here are some suggestions on what to look for when you're shopping for HiFi gear:

  • Whenever possible I recommend seperate components, such as a seperate preamp & amp, rather than consolidated ones such as receivers. While consolidated components do have green advantages, the seperate ones typically have sound and configuration advantages that should not be ignored. At lower price points, an integrated amp (amp and preamp together) is a workable compromise as there are some very good integrateds out there. That said, from a green perspective there are some factors to consider in choosing separate components:
    • Being more specialized, separates have less internal components, are simpler to manufacture, have smaller form factors, consume less energy, and require less to package and transport.
    • If one component needs to be repaired, only that one needs to be sent back to the manufacturer. If it needs to be discarded it will likely take up less space in a landfill, or if recycled/disassembled, create less pollution.
    • Being simpler, it is likely to have a longer product life which also helps ecologically because that model will be disposed of less frequently.
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  • Many manufacturers already follow green initiatives. I always encourage buyers to choose those products over ones from manufacturers that don't have green initiatives in place.
  • In addition to energy efficiency, there are other factors to consider such as where the products are manfactured, size, durability and packaging. In my blog post: Criteria for Green HiFi, I listed those factors that are important to me.
  • When shopping for new products, we ask that consumers mention to resellers and manufacturers that this is a concern and that you will be basing your purchasing decision on this. 
  • As mentioned in the blog post Are Green Audio Products More Expensive?, please remember that green products will likely not be the least expensive ones.
  • Do your research. Many products that claim to be green are only marginally so and many others are only green in a few criteria. I will be pointing this out for the products I review, but realistically, I can't cover every product, brand, and manufacturer.
  • If there is anything else I can do to help answer questions, please use my feedback form. I am passionate about this and anything I can help with, I will.